The Analytics Resource

for Fear.less Women Entrepreneurs

"Marketing without analytics is like having chocolate cake without frosting."

Have a piece of chocolate cake without sweet, delicious frosting and you know you're missing out. 

Marketing without the right analytics is the same and the most important piece possibly missing in your business.

How do you know your marketing dollars and time result in the best possible return on investment?

It takes a deep dive into ALL the data (web, email, social, e-commerce) to know if your marketing strategy is truly effective.

It's only with a comprehensive analytics plan that your business doesn't miss out on the 'frosting,' that sweet, delicious space to help you soar.

How Not to Miss Out on The 'Frosting'

You're busy running your business and bringing your talents to the world. You need someone to manage your data for you, like your accounting and finances. We've got you covered.

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You would love to see your assistant track your analytics. You're in the right place. Through our Analytics Academy, we'll show them what to do and how to make it work.

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You're a marketing agency serving women entrepreneurs. The missing piece for your clients is analytics management. We can help you look like a rock star.

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What Do Others Have to Say?

Patty is a go-getter.  Her real approach to business is amazing and garners the respect of those in corporate America and home business owners.

Monica Tucker - MOCHA Enterprises

She was able to bring me the results I wanted to achieve. She is fun to work with and shared the passion of my mission. They have a great team.

George Fernandez - Road Trip Savings

I have recommended her work to several people, and tend to "go overboard" when talking about her passion, commitment and the fact that she get's your story!

Kathy Loftus - Relationship Manager